Many-body Theory

Dynamics in strongly disordered system

Under strong disorder, the coherent dynamics of a quantum system may be qualitatively different from that of a clean system. Recent developments of many-body localization suggest that the dynamics of such systems may be rather simpler than solving a full quantum problem and sometimes even controllable thanks to its localized nature. We study the nature of dynamics in such systems in both theory and experiments.

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Control and tomography of many-body Hamiltonian

One of the most outstanding challenges in the experimental study of quantum many-body dynamics is the difficulty of realizing systems with a desired Hamiltonian. Also, even if such a system is built, the “in vivo” characterization of its Hamiltonian remains non-trivial. We study the theoretical tool sets to circumvent theses difficulties.

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Additional topics of research in quantum many-body physics include:

  • Rydberg EIT
  • Quantum simulation with cold atoms and trapped ions, in and out of equilibrium
  • Many-body physics in transition metal dichalcogenides